B: The Beginning Succession (Dub) Episode

Other names: B: The Beginning Succession, B: The Beginning Succession, B: The Beginning Succession

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Total Episodes: 6

Genres: Action, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller

Summary : Two men confronted their renounce past through piteous sacrifice. Maverick spy Keith Flick fought against his demons finally exposed the indistinct secrets behind the Kingdom of Cremona. Mutant wunderkind Kokuu finally reunited with the most rare reminiscence from his stolen childhood. Several months own passed since then, unless the partial world seems to forgotten the turmoil caused with those events. because Keith detriment to the regalbeggarly Police to perform his claim investigation, Kokuu that Yuna try to approve an wontedexceptional conduct in peace. yet the consequences of the Jaula Blanca experiments are far from being extinct, however Kokuu soon discovers when his supposedly dead lab opponent Kirisame suddenly shows up.