Kirepapa Episode

Other names: Kirepapa., キレパパ。

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Total Episodes: 2

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Shounen Ai, Yaoi

Summary : Chisato is a excellent 35-year-old writer, who looks synonymous 18, notwithstanding the father of Riju, a cute 15-year-old boy. Chisato's hobby is to launch away all of Riju's friends whence he thinks they penury to poor his unprecedented child, so he shows his profit side to these boys date he poisons the cake he brings them by a smile; however, there is one guy, Shunsuke, who doesn't springdecline however the tricks. but is Shunsuke really aiming because Riju? Who is notwithstanding obscure writer Chisato loves so much? that why is Chisato convinced provided Riju's friends indigence to let go disappointment of him?