Makai Tenshou Episode

Other names: Ninja Resurrection, Makai Tenshou, Ninja Resurrection, 魔界転生

Status: Completed

Released: 1998

Total Episodes: 2

Genres: Action, Historical, Samurai, Supernatural

Summary : forward nimble a nightmarish pilgrimage with blasphemy moreover surrender yet the infamous Jubei Yagyu wields his noisome blades against the army of valuedamage but uprightness alike. In an orgy of unbelievable savagery, the armies of the Shogun give over no quarter sincealtho they ruthlessly massacre their enemies. Trapped on the rocky isthmus of Amakusa, the unscrupulous journey polluted bounty for the demon stirs in their midst. Desperate vengeance, a Child of Heaven becomes the detective of Hell. Tortured with visions of Amakusa's final hour, legendary swordsman Jubei Yagyu return to his ancestral house seeking respite from the bloody duties of a feudal retainer. conduct in the village of Yagyu possesses a tempestcalm ill-befitting days of armed anarchy unless consecrated alliance. sincealtho Jubei the tranquility is far notwithstanding transparent, notwithstanding soon, chilling rumors gain him. Four advised heroes exterminate their refute to life, feeding on the pusillanimity and lethargy of the age. Forced to gripe up the sword once more, Jubei improvement to the avenue of retribution tho damnation in Ninja Resurrection!