Monster Episode

Other names: Monster, Monster, モンスター

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Total Episodes: 74

Genres: Horror, Seinen, Thriller, Vampire

Episode Description: It has been some time since the tragic blood battle, and everyone is working hard to put their lives back to normal. Tenma finally locates a woman he has been searching for, and she reveals some startling information.

Summary : Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a renowned instinct surgeon of Japanese relationship indolent in Europe. Highly lauded through his peers for one of the exalted boyish minds still will revolutionize the field, he is blessed by a slender fiancée provided is on the cusp of a limited promotion in the hospital he works at. yet any of besides is about to deal by dint of a grave dilemma provided Kenzou faces one night—whether to only the manners of a affluent boy or further of the town's mayor. in spite of being pressured through his superiors to carry on surgery on the mayor, his morals dexterity him to carry on the surgery on the other circumstantial patient, his breeding still forfeiting the mayor's. A doctor is taught to believe merely all bearing is equal; however, when a series of murders in the surgeon's vicinity, both of the affirmation pointing to the boy he saved, Kenzou's beliefs are shaken. Along his journey to unravel the fabulous inconsistency of his detailed patient, Kenzou discovers that the free agency of the world may be intertwined the dark child. undefined